When is Time to Go All-in?

All-in is a case where a player puts all his chips (money) on con, i.e. everything has gone. At the same time, he can neither put more than he has, nor take it at once – this happens only in the movies.

So, if online competitor has put more than you have, it’s not a problem. But you may answer only with what you have in the game. So when two players do not have chips, they can actually risk everything, but in profit will be only one of them. Be careful!

All-in And Side Banks

Only in the books or films people find themselves in panic when their rival puts much more than they have and try to respond by exposing their property or even life. In real game, the player plays only what he has in front of himself on the table or on virtual deposit and has no right to add funds at the time of distribution. All he can do in response to a big bet is to reset or put all-in. When there are several players in all-in, situation becomes more complicated. The strongest hand will not win anything if it belongs to the player with the smallest number of chips.

Go all-in in the Following Situations:

  1. Super-hand, nuts – in such happy moments you do not just need to push the chips into the center of the table. You have somehow to force online casino or virtual competitors to respond with their money. All-in bet will force you to pay immediately, and not make a choice later.
  2. You want opponents to fold. In this case, a player can have a complete garbage on his hands, i.e. pure bluff (not very recommended), and some sort of mediocre combination with the possibility (outs) to improve, then this is a semi-bluff. You have to show the combination better, so an active game with stakes, makes life difficult for the vis-à-vis. In any case, responding to a bet is harder than betting and let this weight be put on the shoulders of your virtual opponent than yours.
  3. When a bank on the table has been already huge, but you have a little extra, and you need to “put on” to reach the showdown and maybe still win.
  4. In tournaments, when chips are thrown, you do not have more than 10 BB (big blinds) and you need to do something. This is a push or fold strategy.


After all-in, your balance will most likely change significantly, and not it’s not a fact at all that it’s a plus. So if you do not have a goal just to tickle your nerves, you should keep your mind cold and balanced.


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